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Are You Prepared to Discover Europe’s 18 Exquisite Hidden Jewels Once Travel Restrictions are Lifted?
As travel bans start to lift and people yearn for a sense of freedom, nature, and wide-open spaces, the trend in travel post-coronavirus is shifting towards exploring hidden gems far from cities and away from the crowds. In response to this demand for unique experiences in places free from mass tourism, European Best Destinations (EBD) has released its list of the “Best Hidden Gems in Europe” to inspire travelers.
1. Bohinj, Slovenia
Topping the list of hidden gems is Bohinj, a destination synonymous with nature, sustainable development, and unique experiences. Located in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park with the Julian Alps as its backdrop, Bohinj has been recognized for its commitment to sustainable tourism. The European Commission awarded Bohinj the prestigious EDEN prize for best sustainable tourism destination in Europe. It is also known as one of the best destinations for hiking, boasting beautiful sustainable landscapes and being considered one of the safest places in Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic.
2. Ilha das Flores, The Azores, Portugal
The Azores, an archipelago composed of nine islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, offers a perfect escape to reconnect with nature. Ilha das Flores, located in the northernmost part of the archipelago, is a paradise on earth for nature lovers and hikers. With its stunning rivers, waterfalls, and unique flora and fauna, Flores is a perfect destination for diving, cetacean watching, and canyoning.
3. Agüero, Huesca, Spain
Agüero, a postcard-worthy village in the province of Huesca, Spain, is surrounded by impressive 200-meter-high rock formations. Known for its natural beauty, Agüero is a favorite among climbers, photographers, and Instagrammers. Explore the 12th-century Santiago church and immerse yourself in the town’s festival in mid-August.
4. Cefalu, Sicily, Italy
Located on the northern coast of Sicily, the historic village of Cefalu with its monumental rock formation is a must-visit for travelers seeking authenticity. Explore its medieval fishing port, old town, cathedral, and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily.
5. Sistelo, Portugal
Situated near the Penada Geres National Park, Sistelo is often referred to as “The little Portuguese Tibet.” This village, considered one of the seven wonders of Portugal, offers breathtaking green terraces shaped by human hands. Embark on hiking trails, visit “Espigueiros” granaries, and enjoy exceptional views of the village.
6. Sirmione, Lombardia, Italy
Sirmione, a fortress town from the 13th century, is situated on a picturesque peninsula on Lake Garda. Known for its narrow alleys, spa waters, and historical sites such as the Rocca Scaligera, Sirmione is a hidden gem in the Lombardy region.
7. Adishi, Georgia
Adishi, an authentic mountain village in Georgia, offers 1,000-year-old churches, medieval stone houses, fortified towers, and ancient frescoes. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking nature and enjoy ski experiences off the beaten tracks.
8. Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom
Torquay, often compared to Cannes or Nice on the French Riviera, is known as one of the most beautiful destinations on the English Riviera. With its pleasant micro-climate, stunning beaches, and picturesque countryside, Torquay offers year-round holidays and is recognized as a UNESCO-recognized Global Geopark.
9. Crovie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Crovie, a small village in northern Scotland, is a hidden gem with only one road and 50 houses facing the sea. The village’s unique history traces back to a wealthy landowner who forced the residents to take refuge on the narrow strip of land facing the sea. Experience the charm and tranquility of this coastal village.
10. Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal
Located just a kilometer from the coast of Sao Miguel Island, the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo is a paradise. Formed by a submerged volcano, this natural reserve offers crystal-clear waters and a circular lake connected to the sea by a narrow channel.
These are just the first ten hidden gems on the list. Europe is filled with countless breathtaking destinations waiting to be discovered. So, are you ready to embark on a journey to Europe’s hidden treasures once travel bans are lifted?

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